TD- shading,lighting,rendering and 3D compositor at BlackStone-Studio, Dubai, UAE
Responsible for Look and feel supervising for TV series.
Shading, Lighting, Rendering and Composting for TV Commercials.
Project Management, Pipeline Setup and Renderfarm Setup and Troubleshooting.

Management Head / Lecturer, SkyNet Computers Edu. PVT, Sakoli, India
Managing Students, Faculty and trainer, Recruitment, Computer Hardware,Software troubleshooting, Guss lecture Multimedia Information Technology. Sales, Media Marketing.

h o b b i e s

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Story writing, Photography, Painting, Sketching 

a c h i e v e m e n t s

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• I was the sole compositing artist and also provided technical support in the short animation film "LE DANADDHAN DE DANADAN , which bagged Two international awards (March 2013 INFOCOMASSOCHAMEME AWARDS and FICCI ) for excellence in media and entertainment and best animation short film respectively.
Also 30 April 2013 "Dadasaheb Fadke" Best Animation short film award.

• Feb 2009: Best 3D Artist award from 'animation porter Magazine', India.

• Best Compositor award for “Fanboy&ChumChum”  TV series from Technicolor, India post production

Interview with

Lighting and Compositing artist, Technicolor animation studio, Bangalore, India.
Created BG Lighting and Pre Compositing for “Ultimate Heroes of MARVEL4D” (Stereoscopic Movie), Lighting and Compositing for “KungFu
Panda” TV series, “Back at the Barnyard” (TVSeries), Lighting and Pre Compositing for “Lego4D”, “Lego Cluchpower”, “Lego Atlantis” DVD
Stereoscopic Movie, Created Fusion Micro developing , Color scrip look and feel Development and Priority key shot Lighting and Compositing
for “FanBoy & ChumChum” TV series.

Lighting And Comositing Artist- Contract Real Image Production, Bur Dubai, UAE
Worked on Al RiTaj Bharen TV Commercials responsible for Asset development, Shot building, Final shading,lighting, composting, props modeling and texturing, Camera tracking.

Shading, Lighting TD, Sr. Compositing Artist, Mile Nine studio, Mumbai, India.
Worked Short Film "LE DANADDHAN DE DANADHAN", Create Set Lighting, Final composting, technical support, lighting shots, some props modeling and texturing, Work closely with leads and cg supervisors to create easily accessible scenes for lighters.

CG Generalist / Shading, Lighting, Compositing Artist at Pyamlight, Mumbai, India.
Toyota Innova car photorealistic 3D visualization presentation - and Vodafone zoo zoo ad
Shading, Lighting, Compositing, Modeling and texturing.
Project Lighting Team Lead at After Studios, Santacruz, Mumbai, India.
Leading and supervising Swan Princess 4 DVD Project, team Management, Create Master Set Lighting, Color key, Look Development, Render
farm Management, Pipeline development, Shading, Technical support, Composting. Hair and fur Lighting.

E x p e r i e n c e

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Project Team Lead at KCG, Alma-ta, Kazakhstan.
Leading “Batyrlar” and “Menbala” TV series and several VFX projects. In-house and remote Render farm setup and Management, Outsource
Management, 3D and Motion Capture production pipeline Development and work flow, Team Management, Create Master Set Shading-Lighting,
Color key, Look Development, Technical support, Composting.

• Troubleshoot technical issues including dept. Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Lighting, Rendering.
• Research and Development, Provide support and development of tools and procedures to extend and enhance the pipeline.
•  Assist artists with troubleshooting of shots and work with multiple departments, including Modeling, Animation, Lighting, FX, Composting and RnD.

Expertise in Master set lighting, Composting, shading, pass creation, Global Illumination, Render farm setup and Management, Experience with backed lighting, Modeling,Texturing, Tracking, Hair and fur.
Extensive experience with pipeline workflows, Knowledge of optimizing render settings. Ability to solve render problems and troubleshooting.
Strong sense of light and color; attention to detail. Knowledge of depth of field, light exposure and HDR
Successful delivery of sequences inside tight deadlines and under pressure.
Able to lead, work independently, be a team player, am diplomatic with good communication skills.
Can adapt to new methodologies, learn fast and work smart.

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E X P E R T I S E  &  s p e c i a l t i e s

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I am Pramod Nirwan working at 3D animation VFX industry from 9+ years as a Shading, Lighting TD, Rendering and 3D Composting artist. Also I have personal experience in modeling and Texturing, painting, sketching and photography. Creating a creative concept work and finding a new new Technique it's my hobby. 
I am having good planning strategy and command on the subject being a diligent team player, I’m also a fast learner with practical understanding of things. Self motivated and can work in Deadline driven environments.

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s u m m a r y

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